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On 28th July, 1707, during the reign of Queen Anne, the Union Flag was by royal proclamation made the National flag of Great Britain. The National Flags of Scotland and England were united to form the flag.

When the red cross of England was put onto the flag of Scotland, a white border was added around the red cross for reasons of heraldry. (The rules of heraldry demanded that two colours must never touch each other.)

The Union Flag today
Today's Union Flag not only represents Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) but also Northern Ireland.
On 1 January 1801, Ireland was united with Great Britain and it became necessary to have a new National Flag in which Ireland was represented. The cross St Patrick was combined with the Union Flag of Great Britain, to create the Union Flag that has been flown ever since.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland were all joined together and called the United Kingdom of Great 
Britain and Ireland.
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The name was later changed to United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland when the greater part of Ireland left the United Kingdom in 1921.

The flags of the Patron Saints of England, Scotland and Ireland are represented on the Union Flag.


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The 25 July is St Christopher's day. He is the patron saint of travelling and travellers, mariners, ferrymen and also athletes.
There are several legends about him including this popular one:

One dark and stormy night, a child came to Christopher and asked to be carried across the river. Christopher put the child on his shoulders and waded into the wild river. He found the child unusually heavy and had to struggle desperately to reach the other side. When he reached the othe other side the child told him that he was the Christ for image: pendantand that he had carried the weight of the whole world on his shoulder.

The literal meaning of the name 'Christopher is Christ-bearer.

Some people where St Christophers pendants, or give them to friends and relatives, when they are going on a long journey.

The 25th July is also dedicated to St. James the Great, the patron saint of Spain.


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