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How To Make A Traditional Full English Breakfast
Traditional Full English Breakfast Recipe. Gail and Jill, of the Blacksmith's Café in Hastings, guide us through the ritual of making the perfect fried breakfast. Savour our Traditional Full English Breakfast recipe.

Step 1: You will need
2 sausages
100 g mushrooms
2 Rashers bacon
2 eggs
150 g baked beans
vegetable oil
ketchup or brown sauce
1 knife
1 chopping board
1 wooden stirring spoon
1 spatula
1 small saucepan 2 frying pans

Step 2: Sausages
We start with our sausages. Quality is crucial here - go for ones with a high percentage of pork and natural ingredients.Place them in a frying pan with preheated vegetable oil.
They'll take the longest to cook of all our ingredients, around 12 minutes, with regular turning required. They make a lovely, reassuring sizzle as they fry.

Step 3: Mushrooms
Wash and slice the mushrooms. Add them to some preheated vegetable oil in a separate frying pan, then stir and toss them on a gentle heat for about 5 minutes.After that, consign them to a warm plate until the rest of the fry-up is finished, which won't be long now. Because things are really starting to hot up.

Step 4: Bacon
Bacon next; when the sausages have been frying for 8 minutes, add the rashers to the same pan and turn them every minute or two.

Step 5: Baked beans
As soon as your bacon's under way, the baked beans go on the stove. They require a gentle heat and plenty of stirring. Now it's a total juggling act!

Step 6: Eggs
While you keep an eye on all that sizzling and bubbling, replenish the other frying pan with oil and put it on a medium heat in readiness for the eggs. Keep turning the bacon and stirring the beans; then crack one egg... and two, into the empty frying pan. Transfer it to the hottest plate on the stove if necessary - keep stirring those beans! And we're nearly done.
The final touch is to get your spatula and splash hot oil over the eggs until the yolks go opaque. This is a sure sign that they're cooked properly. And when they're done, the whole meal is done.

Step 7: Serve
Add it all to the plate with the mushrooms on and get ready for the Full English experience. Try a little tomato ketchup or brown sauce for the finishing touch to the perfect fried breakfast.

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