domingo, 27 de febrero de 2011

Lyrics Training

Lyrics Training is an easy and fun method to learn and improve your foreign languages skills like English, through the music videos and typing the lyrics of the songs.
It's a fantastic page where you can listen to songs and then try and fill in the missing words of the lyrics.Click here to go to LYRICS TRAINING

It is really very good, hopefully also fun, and definitely a brilliant way to improve your listening skills and your English!!

There are three levels to choose from, BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE and EXPERT. In the search bar you can also search for the songs YOU are most interested in. First listen to the song, then fill in the blanks according to the level you have chosen.

You can't advance if you don't complete the lyrics properly, but  you can listen to the song as many times as needed  just by clicking  intro.
More than 470 songs from Cat Stevens  to Lady Gaga, or from Metallica to Alicia Keys, all kind of music to choose.

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