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 9th APRIL 2011
The actor, Member since the age of seven, has not hesitated to fly to his homeland to open with his opening speech the Holy week in Málaga. There, wrapped by friends and fellow citizens, flags has an emotional speech delivered full of humor and local winks which did lead to the “people of a foot”.
“I am in Malaga and the heart beats me strong inside the chest because it is Holy week,” said with pride an actor which has been submitted to the public Teatro Cervantes of Malaga with its full name: José Antonio Domínguez Banderas.
“There are so many Holy weeks and ways to perceive it as brethren but I, that really want to talk, it is the people.” Of those who walk in search of hope, for a response. Those people that sometimes we observe and sometimes we are. “Ordinary people, of a foot”, said an excited flags.
“Now I do not want to be me, what I really want is to be all”, explained an interpreter that, in addition, it has insisted that it wants to live Holy week from anonymous, as a Malaga, and that has been denied at the request of the brethren that would be the pregonero in this 2011.
During his speech, preceded by the action of the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra and broadcast live by Puntoradio, the actor has returned to reiterate his pride for being of the land to the delight of the present that, in the same wayfeel horrados by the manifest love in its most illustrious citizen.
“Love is the answer to questions”, has highlighted the Malaga player during a speech full of anecdotes, human stories and local references have really enjoyed a lively audience who has repeatedly interrupted the words of the actor with laughter and applause.
Also, flags has also recalled the importance of the “Holy week industry” which in his opinion, contributes to strengthening the values of the local economy, such as tourism, to the argues for care.
Banderas will take part in the Easter processions next Sunday when he will act as mayordomo for the throne of his brotherhood, Virgen de Lágrimas y Favores.

“It’s perfect.” “Antonio is a little nervous but the pregón is very beautiful and special,” highlighted Melanie Griffith before the intervention of her husband. The wife of flags attended the event accompanied by Anna, the mother of the actor, and Estela del Carmen, her daughter, to whom his father wants to inculcate the spirit of the Holy week.
As he explained the same flags, the actor began writing his speech during a flight wearing you New York to Los Angeles where, already in the tranquility of his home, it took three weeks shaping the content of what this Saturday has put in scene.
In this sense, he is noteworthy as collects Hello Magazine, Griffith has been responsible for giving the pregonero one of the most valuable advice when drafting their words: not talking about himself.
And under that guideline has focused his speech an Antonio Banderas which already announced its intention to accept the assignment be pregonero: “my wife has told me that he is talking about what I have seen on the street and that I do.” “I will tell what the anonymous people”.

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