jueves, 20 de junio de 2013


2013 Theme:  "Take 1 minute to support a family forced to flee"

The United Nations' (UN) World Refugee Day is observed on June 20 each year. This event honors the courage, strength and determination of women, men and children who are forced to flee their homeland under threat of persecution, conflict and violence.
People honor the spirit and courage of millions of refugees worldwide on World Refugee Day. It is a day to recognize the contributions of refugees in their communities. Organizations such as Amnesty International and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) often get involved in various activities for the day. They may include:
  • Activist protests against using former prisons to detain migrants and asylum seekers.
  • Screenings of films about the lives of asylum seekers living in a western country.
  • Organization members visiting asylum seekers in detention to offer moral support.
  • Letters or petitions to governments on the treatment of asylum seekers in detention.
Some communities dedicate an entire week that includes World Refugee Day to encourage people to think about the lives of refugees and the human right to a secure place to that one can see as “home”.

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Hola Marivy, me encanta tu blog de ingles, me gustaria que te pasaras por mi blog a recoger un premio que te doy por formar parte de mi mundo, espero que te haga ilusion recibirlo tanto como a mi me lo ha hecho, un saludo y gracias por estar ahi.


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