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The Fair in Malaga in August is the biggest festival in our city. This year will be the longest yet, it will last for 11 days from the 17th until the 24th of August. The Malaga Fair 2013 will surprise you in many ways: from the decorated streets through the historic centre and fairground rides, the horseriders that pass by, with the verdial and Sevillian dancers, to the bull fighters or simply the excitement from the malagueños and tourists.

200 free shows

The Malaga Fair programme lists 200 free shows in 2013, that range from street performances from the verdiales dance group, traditional Malgueño dancing concerts with famous Spanish singers and groups, such as Andy and Lucas, Chambao and El Sueño de Morfeo; child rides, without forgetting the 15 expositions that you can visit in 9 museums and enabled spaces in the Birthplace of Picasso, el CAC (Centro de Arte Contemporáneo) or the Carmen Thyssen Museum, amongst others. There will be also other events which you can pay to see, such as the bullfighting in “La Plaza de La Malagueta”.  


The origin of the Malaga Fair came from the commemoration of the conquest of the city from the Moors by the Catholic Kings on the 19th August 1487. This year it will take place on a working day and the festivities will take place the day before, in other words, the 18th August, the day of the patron saints in Malaga, “San Ciriaco” and “Santa Paula”. 

Fair by day

The Malagueño festivals in August can be enjoyed in many ways in 2 different areas. During the morning and afternoon you can find “los feriantes” in the city centre. The historic streets are decorated with coloured lanterns, the bars serve drinks and tapas, folk groups sing and dance and the youths enjoy the more recent music in discos and pubs. 

Fair by night 

A little further away from the centre, next to the Palacio de Congresos, in the area known as“Cortijo de Torres”, an artificial enclosure is built for the festivities in Malaga. Although there is lots of life throughout the day, there is much more at night-time, where many of the “fiesteros” move to the centre. Here there are numerous stalls to eat drink and dance in; attractions for teens and children, and, above all, something which draws the most attention to foreign visitors, the horse drawn carriages with riders and passengers wearing traditional Andalusia clothes.
Come to MalagaCome to the fair! In 11 days of festivities you will find every type of entertainment adapted to your likes and preferences in one of the most loved cities in Spain

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