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In Spain, New Year is observed on the first date of the Georgian calendar. New Year’s Eve, ithe major day of celebrations, is also referred as ‘Nochevieja’. 

New Year’s Eve in Spain is more of a family affair. No one prefers to go out before midnight, till the time all traditions and traditional celebrations are concluded appropriately. Once, they are over, one can see the emerging crowd over the streets, and in the community parties organized in clubs and bars. 

Madrid, the capital and the largest city of Spain, is also credited as the best host of the New Year’s Eve celebrations for the evening. Thousands of people gather in the main square of Puerta del Sol in Madrid, to witness the best of the community celebrations of Spain. At the stroke of midnight, the sight of thousands of people eating grapes in concord with the ring of each bell does make one feel a part of a magical time. The further magical and spectacular show of fireworks filling the skies seemed to be put to action directly from heavens. 

New Year’s Eve is also a time to abide by the traditions and customs associated with the occasion. As far as that goes, people can remain pleasantly engaged in fulfilling traditions only, all through the New Year’s Eve as they are plenty in numbers. 

People usually stay back to their homes, along with their family members till the moment of the arrival of New Year occurs. At the stroke of twelve, there is a tradition of eating twelve grapes. It is a prominent and highly popular tradition, which is followed in many other countries, though with different beliefs and in different ways. In Spain, one has to eat one grape with each ring of the bell, and thus, has to complete one’s share of twelve grapes by the time the clock rings the last bell. Usually, people in Spain listen to the rings of the bell from the live telecast of the clock of Puerta del Sol in Madrid. 

There is another tradition of wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve, and that too must not be bought by you, but should be gifted or given by someone else. Wearing red colored underwear is believed to confer one with good luck in the coming year.


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AMO Valencia dijo...

Creo que es una gran explicación de cómo celebramos la noche vieja. Cualquiera podría entenderlo con una explicación tan clara.La verdad es que tenemos tradiciones distintas a las de otros países y nunca las había visto explicadas en inglés, ahora sé cómo se lo explicaría yo a un extranjero. En mis cursos de inglés solemos hacer este tipo de explicaciones para que los extranjeros entiendan nuestras costumbres y para que nosotros entendamos las suyas. Muy interesante


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