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Poster of Holy Week Malaga 2015The Holy Week will start on the 29 of March (Palm Sunday) and will end on the 5 of April 2015 (Easter Sunday).

The Malaga artist Francisco Naranjo of 40 years and born in Benalmádena, has been responsible for the poster of the Semana Santa de Málaga 2015. 
On January 9 in the mirror Hall of the Malaga city Council it was presented in the presence of the Malaga Mayor Francisco de Tower, Eduardo Pastor, President of the Association of fraternities and Agustín Gutiérrez, elder brother of the Archconfraternity of the garden that has been responsible for presenting the work. According to the author, is an allegorical vision of Holy week. Masterpiece has been performed on a table of 180 cm high by wide 85, made with mixed media painting techniques.
The poster is an allegorical vision of the Association of guilds of Malaga in which a woman can be seen in reference to the dynamism and vitality of the institution, dressed in a sackcloth of gold as a reflection of the divine glory and his head covered by a veil as a sign of respect and devotion. With the right hand holding a candle on and with the left carries the flag representing the different confraternities of Málaga.
The throne of the Virgen de la Esperanza accompanied a processional courtship, in a cleared with a bright full moon night and the Tower of the Cathedral of Málaga take the bottom of this original and excellent work of the painter from Málaga.
At the foot of the work and recovering an ancient tradition of Malaga rotulista posters Easter, you can read "SUMPTUOS PROCESSIONS EASTER , MALAGA 2015 ".
Rafael de las Peñas is the responsible for giving the opening speech of the Holy Week in Malaga 2015 .
The brother known and is a director of the Confraternity of Sorrows of San Juan , where is the dressing of the Virgen de los Dolores of San Juan .

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