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Listen to Mónica and pay attention before doing the exercises:

Let's start with the following interactive book. Open in the page of  daily routine:

Listen to the song "Hello, Goodbye" by the Beatles and then do the exercise:

Warm up:

1) What do you prefer to say: Hello or Goodbye?
2) How do you feel when you say "hello"? (happy, sad, excited, bored...?)
3) How do you feel when you say "goodbye"? (happy, sad, excited, bored, upset...?)

Put these lines in the right order according to the song:

( ) You say GOODBYE and I say HELLO, HELLO, HELLO
( ) You say YES, I say NO.
( ) I don't know why you say GOODBYE I say HELLO.
( ) I say HIGH, you say LOW
( ) Oh, NO!
( ) You say STOP, I say GO, GO, GO.
( ) You say WHY and I say I DON'T KNOW.

Write the lyrics down and sing along.

Follow up:

1) How many people are there involved in the song?
2) What is their problem?

Now you can practice in the following links:

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4


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