viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012


The statutes governing the autonomous region of Andalucía (made up of the eight provinces - Cadiz, Malaga, Cordoba, Granada, Seville, Jaén, Almeria and Huelva) were approved by Andalusian referendum in 1980, and this agreement on the political and cultural identity of the Andalusian people is celebrated every year on February 28th, the Day of Andalucía.  As it is a bank holiday, at our school we celebrate it a few days before. 

On 24th February, in  our school we enjoyed the performances from 3º and 4º ESO with  two plays  "La Sillita"  and "Noviazgo, boda y divorcio" by Hermanos Álvarez Quintero. Some students read two famous poems written by Federico García Lorca (La Tarara and Verde que te quiero Verde) and a group of girls sang a typical andalusian song "soniquete" accompanied by a boy who played a drum. It was really fantastic!  

The Director of the school gave the prizes  to  the best  "love letters": a dinner for two people in a pizza restaurant 

and at the end of the celebration everybody sang the andalusian anthem whose lyrics  were written by Blas Infante who is considered to be the Father of Andalucía (“Padre de la patria andaluza”). 

At 11:30 a.m. we had bread with olive oil for breakfast. 

Congratulations everybody on this andalusian day!!!

                     The Andalusian anthem

The Green and White Flag
returns after centuries of war
to tell of Peace and Hope
under our Land's sunshine.
— Chorus —
Andalusians, Stand up!
Demand Land and Freedom
for a free Andalusia,
Spain and Mankind.
We, Andalusians, want
to become once again
People of Light who to Mankind
gave a Human Soul.
— Chorus —
Andalusians, Stand up!
Demand Land and Freedom
for a free Andalusia,
Spain and Mankind.

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