jueves, 23 de febrero de 2012


Malaga reaches the first exhibition on the Shroud, one of the most studied objects of religious history.
The exhibition will be held at the Cathedral of Malaga in the months of February through May, will feature twelve rooms to be installed in the choir of the church and tries to show, in a fun, all the research that has been carried out in this tissue that allegedly covered the body of Jesus of Nazareth.
This exposure has an audio guide to accompany the visitor on a tour of each of the rooms. Also, the exhibition features dozens of pieces of art, coins and manuscripts, illustrating the course of the famous relic tour to reach Turin (Italy), where it is today.
Of the twelve rooms are perhaps the most attractive room and forensic science room where visitors can see the studies conducted so far by the leading experts in the field, contributing data on the Shroud and the image that contains .
In the forensic room, the viewer will attend a 3D analysis will reveal aspects of torture and death of the man who was wrapped in a sheet from a perspective never seen before. Also, visitors can compare information from different forensic elements of the Shroud.
In this room also shows the forensics of another key, the Holy Shroud which, according to tradition, preserved in the Cathedral of Oviedo. Both objects are compared and analyzed together in a forensic scientific study, providing data on the wearer.
In the science room sets, on the other hand, studies that have attempted to explain how the image may have originated, some scientists have said was formed by the energy transmitted by a body (that Christians linked with the Resurrection of Jesus ).

-Scale recreation of the tomb where Jesus could be buried, according to research conducted in the Holy Land by archaeologist Florentino Díez, an expert in this field.

-The facsimile of the Shroud, made for this exhibition by a laboratory in Turin under the authority of Pope Benedict XVI. Your image and structure is accurate in every one of the original itemize.

-The body of the Man of the Shroud, a key made by the renowned sculptor Juan Manuel Miñarro, scholar and member of EDICE Sindone.

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