viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012


The coming Saturday May 19th, the “Día del Gazpacho” (Gazpacho Day) will be celebrated in Malaga. 2012 will be the first edition of Gazpacho Day, which is a tribute to this refreshing, healthy and typically Andalusian drink, which has conquered both our hearts and our palates. During Gazpacho Day, gazpacho kits will be sold in the Central Market. These packets will include everything you need to whip up a tasty gazpacho at home. Supermarket chain Eroski in the shopping centre Larios has also signed up to the initiative, and during the day will be offering free samples of gazpacho from its own brand line. Another business that’s joined forces with Gazpacho Day in Málaga is olive oil brand Hojiblanca, which will be giving out bottles of extra virgin during the day. Last (but not least), there’ll be a score of restaurants in the city that will be offering bowls of gazpacho at a practically symbolic price.

Gazpacho Day is organised by the association “Málaga Sana” (healthy Málaga), which aims to promote healthy eating, based on a Mediterranean diet and homemade food. It also forms a part of the initiative “Food Revolution”, headed by British TV chef Jamie Oliver, whose objective is to fight obesity and the illnesses associated with being overweight.
Here’s a list of different restaurants which will be participating in Gazpacho Day in Malaga 2012.

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