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SAN FERMIN 6th - 14th JULY

The festival of Sanfermín (or Sanfermines) in the city of Pamplona (Navarre, Spain), is a deeply rooted celebration held annually from 12:00, 6 July, when the opening of the fiesta is marked by setting off the pyrotechnic txupinazo, to midnight 14 July, with the singing of the Pobre de Mí.

Sanfermin is internationally known for the event of the running of the bulls, where the bulls are let loose through some of the streets of the old part of the city. The runnings of the bulls take place from the 7th of July to the 14th of July inclusive at 8.00 am in the morning. At midday on the 6th of July the fiestas open with the txupinazo rocket. That day there is no running of the bulls but there sure is a lot of partying. It was thanks to the writing of American writer Ernest Hemingway that San Fermin developed the notoriety of today. The publication of his novel "The Sun Also Rises" in 1926 told the world about the Pamplona bull running festival which attracted people from all over the world to this annual festival.
The fiestas are celebrated in honor of Saint Fermin, patron of Navarra, and both the religious elements and the wild partying elements live out the fiestas in good harmony.

The Txupinazo VIDEO 2014
The explosion of the fireworks rocket at midday on the 6th of July is the signal for the start of nine days of non-stop partying. This moment is marked by a rocket - the "Txupinazo" - which is set off to announce the start of the Fiesta.

Riau Riau
On the 6th of July, at 4.30 in the afternoon, Sanfermin tradition dictates that everyone should gather for the riau-riau. Nowadays, the motivation is rather different to the original reason.
The municipal band, "La Pamplonesa" played a set piece of music "el Valls de Astráin" and the people danced, sang, drank and blocked the route for as long as possible.

The 7th of July, at 10.00 am on the day, the procession of Saint Fermin leaves from the church of San Lorenzo. The route is jam-packed with crowds who want to see the image of the saint and the entourage that accompany the figure of the saint.

Bull Running
All the information, photos and videos on the most emblematic event in Sanfermin

The corrida
The corrida or bullfight during San Fermin is very different to bullfights in any other big bullring in Spain or anywhere else. For the simple reason that it is something more than just a bullfight.

Pobre de mí
At midnight on the 14 th July the fiesta formally closes with the ceremony called the "Pobre de Mí."

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