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Easter is one  of the most important celebrations for Christians around the world. The very  idea of Christianity is that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was crucified and  buried on Good Friday, three days (by sun up and sun down standards) before  Easter Sunday. Easter can refer to Easter Sunday, the specific day. However,  sometimes it can also refer to the period of time before Pentecost. This period  of time was traditionally forty days, but it was changed to fifty days after  some time.
The life of Jesus in Israel  is one marked by greatness and love. His mission was to spread love, compassion, truth, and salvation for people. Those who believed his message  often became followers of Jesus and his disciples. Unfortunately, approximately  thirty-three years after Jesus was born, he was killed by the government and  buried. After three days, according to the sun’s rising and setting, Jesus was  resurrected and walked among the people for a short period of time. It is this  event which makes Christianity different than other religions and faiths. The  fact that Jesus came back to life brings salvation from the populations from  sin and suffering.
It is these events which  have become the basis for the Christian side of celebration of Easter. On this  day, most Christians attend church and partake in certain traditions. One of  these traditions is the taking of Communion. This tradition involves consuming  a small piece of bread and a small vile of wine or grape juice. The bread is  meant to stand for the body of Christ which was sacrificed on Good Friday. The  wine or juice represents the blood of Christ as it pertains to the events of  Good Friday.
Obviously, the events of  Good Friday do not seem to instantly appear to be good at all as one of the  great religious leaders of the world was killed by an unfair government.  However, from the Christian perspective, the life of Christ ending equates to  the salvation of millions of people. Thus, this day, which had many bad events  on it, became known as Good Friday.
 In modern times in the UK,  Easter is celebrated by church attendance and family togetherness. Typically  families will get together with a large meal in order to celebrate the holiday.  Also, certain passages are often read aloud in order to commemorate the special  events of the day. Typically, these verses come from the gospels, such as  Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.


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