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The Spanish equivalent of Easter, the Holy week, one of the most touristic dates internationally, takes place this year from 20th to 27th March.
Malaga is one of the most popular destinations in Spain. It’s the place of birth of Pablo Picasso, where the Mediterranean Sea offers magnificent beaches and, due to its great weather and top-quality gastronomy, makes this city the ideal destination for the days of spring.
Furthermore, if you visit Malaga city during Easter, you’ll thoroughly enjoy its festive celebrations as they were declared "Fiestas of International Tourist Interest". These celebrations have centuries of history with great artistic richness in religious processions of the Holy Week. Literally hundreds of Fraternities and Sororities parade their figures and images of Jesus Christ, the Virgin and other scenes like the passion and the resurrection, witnessed with such respect and devotion of the large masses of people that fill the streets.
The Holy Week in Malaga is the perfect chance to discover the passion for this religious tradition. The processions begin on Sunday the 1st, right through till Sunday the 8th, except Saturday. During these days, endless brotherhoods hit the streets exhibiting their holy representations. To find out all the itineraries of each of these liturgical acts, we recommend you ask in the hotel where you are lodged or in any of the tourism offices available, although you might find these are often quite packed.

No words can describe the noise and crowds of people that fill the streets. The congregation gathers thousands of faithful followers and tourists that experience this Holy Week with passion and joy. The streets are colourful, with a unique aroma of incense, with a beautiful sight of flowers and people singing. The Holy Week in Malaga shares with the rest of Andalusian celebrations, a great popular fervor and artistic traditions such as the ‘Saetas’.
If you want to enjoy these celebrations and at the same time find a moment of relax to escape from everything, we recommend you choose an accommodation near the old quarter but further away from the large crowds. It’s the perfect location to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the city but without all the stress, and this way take the opportunity to explore every corner of Malaga and the whole province that has a lot to offer.

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