viernes, 18 de marzo de 2016


Holy Week in Malaga, declared of special interest by the national tourist authorities, is particularly majestic and solemn. The atmosphere, in this first flush of Spring, is charged with  the smell of wax and lilies, mixed with the sound of drums and bugles which accompany the religious processions through the centre of the city.
During the week the different brohterhoods make their journey of penitence, accompanying the images of Christ and the Virgin. The floats on which they are mounted are grandiose, reaching a weight of up to six tons. Due to their size they are placed outside the temples to transport the images on the day of the procession. The have poles along the outside and the "hombres de trono" (or "throne men" who carry the sculptures) walk in view of the public. One of the most emotional moments is that of the unaided lifting of the float by the throne men, which is repeated at various points along the procession. The throne men lift the float by extending their arms and then swaying the images for several moments. You may well hear the spontaneous singing of a "saeta" directed at one of the images which makes you stop to savour this sacred song.

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