lunes, 21 de marzo de 2016


Easter will soon be here a very special time of year throughout Spain in its cities and villages the Easter celebrations are shared by young, old natives and visitors.
If you are travelling to Malaga during Easter make sure you take in the sights of some of the processions and celebrations whilst you are here, the center of Malaga will give you an ambience you will rarely experience. This is not just for Catholics or the religious, it is an experience never to be forgotten.

Brotherhoods and associations prepare diligently for the celebrations which are particularly special in Malaga, floats are housed in special buildings  as they are too large to be kept in the churches they are too high to pass through most of the churches doors. The floats vary in size but all are large and carried round the city on the shoulders men for hours. These traditions date back to the catholic monarchs and brotherhoods have their own processional artifacts most of which is made of precious metals and very valuable. 
Participants in the processions wear special robes and some are covered by masks. These participants are the ‘nazarenos’ or the people of Nazareth who cover their faces in shame.
Holy week in Malaga center is a fusion of sights and sounds some processions are silent but mostly you will hear ‘saetas’ flamenco songs and applause from the appreciative spectators of these wonderful floats. The smell of incense candles and the hundreds of flowers abound, and the streets are full of thousands of people, spectators, participants and penitents alike, Easter week is a tradition not to be missed and a very important part of Spain’s culture. It is wise to check for information with the local authorities of times and routes of the processions to take best advantage of this wonderful reason to visit Malaga at this time of year.


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