viernes, 25 de marzo de 2016


The day when the glorious Passion of Jesus Christ is celebrated together with his victorious death. Here, the Cross of God is considered the symbol of salvation. Jesus Christ is nailed to the cross between the thieves Dimas and Gestos; after many years of waiting, he can finally fulfil his dreams of redeeming man. Today is the most important of all the days celebrated by the Church.

Silence is the main feature on this day of mourning and reflection of the Holy Week in Malaga. Fourteen tronos are paraded through the streets of Malaga as eight different societies carry their sacred images.

- Morning -
We suggest a visit to any of the churches with Eucharistic monuments in the old town centre.

- Afternoon/evening -
The large number of societies taking part today mean that an early start is advisable to avoid missing any of them. We suggest you watch the procession of El Descendimiento at around 17:30; you will be surprised at the beauty of La Coracha and its surroundings. An hour later, head for Plaza de Arriola where the canticles sung by of the Hermanas de la Cruz to the society of Los Dolores de San Juan will take you back several centuries into the past. By 19:00, you should be at the cathedral to admire the solemnity of the "Via Crucis del Santísimo Cristo Mutilado". We suggest  watching in Puente de la Aurora  El Santo Traslado and La Virgen de la Soledad.

- Night -

You should not miss the procession of La Virgen de la Piedad along narrow Calle Ollerías, the entrance to the Cruz del Molinillo district, at around 21:30. And if you want to see an Easter procession combined with a rich architectural setting, witness the departure from the cathedral of La Hermandad del Monte Calvario and its progress along Calle de San Agustín at around 23:30. In nearby Calle Calderería you can watch El Cristo del Amor and La Virgen de la Caridad as they return to the Victoria district shortly after midnight. As Easter Saturday begins, we will see the majestic elegance of the Santo Sepulcro's cortège in Calle Larios, accompanied on its way by Chopin's funeral march, at around 01:00. All will be shrouded in darkness when, after dead Jesus, we follow La Virgen de Servitas along this same road until it returns to the church of San Felipe Neri, amidst the prayers of La Corona Dolorosa, at about 04:00.

The processions of this day are:
Dolores de San Juan, Descendimiento, Monte Calvario,Traslado, Amor, Piedad,Sepulcro, Servitas.


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